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About BookGuruz App

The BookGuruz app was founded by 3 avid book reading guys who felt there are by far too many book titles published to warrant an easy selection of for us relevant books. Literally millions of new titles to choose from every year, does make it extremely difficult to find those books-that-matter.

Therefore, we set out to develop an app, providing an eclectic selection of books, by experts-reviewers from the best media worldwide. We are aware that this app therefore may not be for everyone, but we truly hope it helps you in finding your next book-that-matters.

As a user, we appreciate it if you will tell us (via what you like in this app but also what you’d like us to add. We’ve only just started! If you want to support us, please buy your next book-that-matters via our shopping cart. This way we can bring you, your new exciting features asap.

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